Regarding is the project of Franklin Einspruch as the 2018-19 Fulbright/Q21-MuseumsQuartier Artist-In-Residence. In March and April of 2019, Einspruch resided in the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna's First District, for the purpose of creating a cycle of comics poems connected to the city, to be published at this site.

This residency was hosted by Fulbright Austria and Q21. His institutional affiliation at MuseumsQuartier was Kabinett Passage.

Images in this cycle were drawn with brush and ink. The drawings were then scanned, converted to Scalable Vector Graphics using open-source imaging tools, and turned into web pages using emacs.

Content of this site is © 2019 Franklin Einspruch.


I would like to extend my profound thanks to the U.S. Fulbright Scholar Program, Fulbright Austria, MuseumsQuartier, and Q21. I would particularly like to thank Dr. Lonnie Johnson and Dr. Susanne Hamscha of Fulbright Austria, as well as Elisabeth Hajek of MuseumsQuartier, who were unanimous in their enthusiasm for me and this project. I very much appreciate their advocacy and support. Darrah Lustig, Ruth Gabler-Schachermayr, and Karin Schachner of Fulbright Austria and Sophie Thénault and Esther Brandl of Q21 were a delight to work with.

My artist cohort at Q21 included many creators of remarkable talent. I would like to thank Chiara Baldini for including me in her project about the Cult of Dionysus that ended up inspiring Maenad, and Rachel Gutgarts for making sure that the Hebrew in Cemetery Ramsons was not completely wack.

Invaluable support for my Fulbright application came from Elisabeth Condon, Warren Craghead, Alexander Rothman, and Sibylle Vogel.

I'd also like to thank the many Viennese who welcomed me here, and with whom I experienced this city in a thrilling and fascinating manner. At the risk of failing to mention someone, I issue my fondest regards to Dr. Kathrin Gärtner and her family, Shir Katz, Christoph Steinbrener, Johannes Grenzfurthner, Esel, Burnbjoern, and my Satanist friend who will go unnamed.

Accommodation by the press offices of the Leopold Museum and the Secession made it possible for me to write criticism here, reviewing Peter Doig for Delicious Line and Oskar Kokoschka for The New Criterion. My thanks to Veronika Werkner at the Leopold and Karin Jaschke at the Secession.

Weightlifting is my salvation, and I'd like to thank the whole crew at Bodystyle Fitness-Studio Vienna - Rebana, Yannik, Kenneth, Jasmina, Mirjana, Marie-Therese, and everyone else - for helping me to stay strong and humoring me in my attempts to communicate in German.

Speaking of which, any credit for my successful employment of the German language is due to the patient tutelage of Cara Pickens-Noble. Blame for voluminous associated failures is mine alone.

My wife Karen Lean made all this possible, and was a great sport about her husband of twelve weeks traipsing off to Europe for thirteen weeks. I love you. May will be ours.

I dedicate Regarding to my grandfather Adolph Einspruch, deserter from the army of the Emperor Franz Joseph I of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. I trust that he's taking no small amusement in my being here.